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Decentralized Distribution

If you’re a maker of perishable Consumer Packaged Goods, you’ve probably realized that most food distributors are "pretty old school.” They grow by buying more carbon-belching trucks, warehouses, and drivers to gain control over more shelves and territories. The bigger they get, the more power they wield - especially over smaller food brands and makers. This unhealthy dynamic forces brands to deal with territory contracts, costly margins, sequestered customer data, and unfavorable payment terms.

We aren’t fans of the industry’s status quo and we don’t believe that any distributor should ever have that kind of power over your company. It’s time someone stepped up to the plate for brands like yours, and that someone is VNDR.

How It Works

Run Your Wholesale Business Like It's E-Commerce

Create Your Wholesale Portal

We give you the tools necessary to build your own branded wholesale store. Import products, set minimums, and create the requirements necessary to profitably ship at wholesale rates. Once you’re ready to go live, add the new Portal to your website and grant your customer(s) access.

Get Orders & Manage Customers

Congrats! You now have nationwide distribution at your fingertips. Manage both new and existing customers with ease: Launch new products, set customer-specific pricing, issue credits, send samples, nudge reorders, get feedback, and on. We make it easy to keep ‘em happy.

Sell Where You Couldn’t Before

Fulfill and ship all from your new VNDR dashboard. We give you access to Ground and Overnight shipping rates only accessible to the largest corporations. It’s amazing what’s possible when the cost of shipping is cheap! We leverage economies of scale to guarantee you the best rates.

Money Up Front
0% Credit Card Fees

Retailers pay for their orders at checkout, before you ship. Never spend another second being a bill collector again. Let your customer’s credit card company do the lending from now on. Permanently reduce potential cash flow issues as you scale and focus on building a better brand.

sales driven marketplace

Stay Local, Sell National

Let us help you scale. We’re currently partnered with 200+ specialty retailers and working hard to grow that list daily. Our in-house sales team currently covers the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York.
*Sales support is not available to all brands.

In-House Sales Team
Leverage our sales team and network of hundreds of retailers
Low Shipping Rates
Ship your perishables profitably anywhere in the country
Easy Customer Management
Orders, shipments, reports, and notifications all in one place
Simple Pricing
per successful order
No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees
  • 0% Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Low Cost Nationwide Shipping
  • Access to Hundreds of Retailers
  • Regional Sales Team Support
  • Custom Wholesale Portal
  • Order Management & Support

Join our network of 200+ retailers and emerging brands. Now accepting brands by application only.