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We've Been Involved In The Perishable CPG Category Since 2014, Building Brands Such As Raw Juicery. We Understand The Biggest Challenges Companies Like Yours Face In Quickly Getting Your Products To Customers. Never Before In History Has E-Commerce And Logistics Been More Important Than Today, Especially In The Days Of COVID. We Have Aggregated The Knowledge, Technology, And Relationships To Help You Scale Your Business Far Easier Than Starting From Scratch.

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We Are Pioneers In Connecting Local Food Brands Directly To Their Customers. We Believe Anyone Can Be Their Own Distributor. As A Food Entrepreneur or Small Businesses, The Biggest Challenge You'll Encounter Is Expanding Your Market. Our Mission Is To Make It Easy For Great Brands Like Yours To Be Discovered And reach your Customers Anywhere In The US overnight. Most Importantly, We provide The Tools To Competitively Deliver Those Sensitive Goods That They Want And Love.


supply chain optimization

Built For Food Companies,
By Food Companies

state-of-the-art logistics solutions

VNDR combines The Most Cutting-Edge Software With A Robust Background In Perishable Shipments And Urgent Deliveries. We've Developed The Absolute Fastest, Most Scalable, And Intuitive Shipping Manager On The Market- Specifically Built For Perishable food Companies Like Yours.

fulfillment for perishable products

Our Network Of Refrigerated And Frozen Fulfillment Centers Across The United States Make It Cost Effective To Reach Your Customer Anywhere. Multi-Channel Integration For An Ever-Changing Market That Demands Overnight Shipping.

Operation & Packaging Concierge

We Will Help You Optimize Your Fulfillment Process And Supply Chain. Leverage our 10+ Years Of Experience In The Perishable Goods Channel. Get Privileged Member Rates To The Best Purveyors In Packaging, Labeling, Sales & Marketing Tools, And Other  Solutions To Scale Your Business.

shipping platform

Made For Your
Food Company

Finally, the First-Ever State-Of-The-Art Software Specifically Built For Perishable Goods And Other Urgent Shipments. Integrate Your Store And Retail Channels And Start Shipping Overnight Anywhere in the US.


Overnight Shipping Masters

We Make It Faster and Easier Than Ever To 1-Day Ship Nationwide. Leverage Our Shipping Network And Rates to FINALLY Make Anyone With An American Address YOUR Potential Customer, Including In Alaska, Hawaii, And Canada Coming Soon...

Special Tools For Perishables

Customize Your Post-Order Flow And Save On Extra Clicks For Things You Need Automated, Like Box Size, Product Weight, And Required Shipping Service. Utilize Our Box-Packing Algorithm For Optimized Order Management & Fulfillment. Need To Ship With Dry Ice or Add Insurance Depending On Zone? Automate That, Too.

Pay As You Ship. No Fees, Minimums, or Contracts

Ship With Us And Never Pay Platform, Setup, Or Subscription Fees. Keep It Simple With No Contracts Or Volume Minimums. Pay Only For What You Ship Without Strings Attached.

Cover Your Shipments With Our Perishables Insurance

Never Worry About Late or Spoiled Shipments. Our Perishables Insurance Covers It No Matter The Reason For The Delay. Our Insurance Can Be Added To Almost Any Shipment For Guaranteed Protection Of Your Income.

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e-commerce store

we integrate with most major platforms and offer a free open aPI for members. synchronize, Manage and process your orders seamlessly.

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delivered ORDERS

VNDR enabled us to ship our products even faster to our customers WHILE ALSO making it cheaper. Most of all, the platform is easy to use and their customer support is stellar. So happy to have partnered with them.

Paul Majcherczyk
(CEO & Founder)

Before partnering with VNDR, we had no choice but to pass on our high shipping costs to customers which prevented many from ordering. Most of the negative feedback that we received had to do with the cost of our Overnight Shipping. VNDR has allowed us to decrease our flat rate shipping fees and offer Free Shipping nationwide for orders of $100 or more. We've seen a big uptick in orders from customers around the country.


VNDR has built an incredibly user-friendly interface that works really well with my Shopify store. It is a great one-stop shop to see all of my rate and configuration options and pick the one that works best for my business. Having the ability to send my products overnight has led to a lot of delighted customers and repeat business!

Christina Appleton
(CEO & Founder)


Never Ship Alone

Our Community Of 800+ Perishable CPG Brands Makes Us A Leading Platform For Refrigerated Shipments. We Give You Better Tools That Easily Integrate With Your Store, Help You Automate, Upgrade You To 1-Day Shipping, And Scale Your Business.

Pay As You Ship
No minimums
discounted insurance for perishables
Analytics, Claim Filing, & Customizable Notifications
Sync, Print, Pack & Ship in Seconds
Save on packaging costs & advertise 1-day delivery
delight your customers

Case Study

Appleton's Market

A year ago, when they launched e-comm and wholesale, Appleton's Market was only starting to build up volume. Carriers required that they ship around 100 packages per day minimum to extend further shipping discounts.

“When we launched we were in the middle of a pandemic. At the time, carrier ground services were backed up beyond anything we had ever seen - one shipment took 5 days to travel 30 miles and spoiled in transit. Yet spending double the product price to overnight an order was never going to make business sense.”
- Christina Appleton, Founder and CEO. 

We've helped them break out of this chicken-and-egg dilemma. VNDR is a shipping platform that empowers perishable brands to scale, no matter how much or how little they ship. As Appleton’s Market was beginning to grow their e-commerce business, they did not have to worry about volume minimums, monthly fees, or extravagant shipping costs. They simply paid for what they shipped, providing the flexibility they needed as a start-up.


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Import Orders, print labels, ship and fulfill. Ultra-fast Software that saves you money AND time managing your shipments.

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Online Store Integration

Connect Your Store And Optimize Order Flow. Manage, Process, And Fulfill Orders With Just A Few Clicks. Automatically Send Tracking Info To Your Store And Effortlessly Keep Your Customers Looped In.


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Let Us Help You Grow. It's Amazing What's Possible With 1-Day Shipping. Schedule A Demo Now And Let's See How We Compare. We May Just Help You Improve Your Margins And Expand Your Reach Greater Than You Ever Imagined.