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How does it work?

Never Ship Alone

Through our shipping community of 600+ perishable CPG brands, we can tap into rates only available to the largest companies in America. Our customers have saved hundreds of thousands in shipping fees in the past year alone. You can do the same by integrating VNDR with your store today.

Free Software Tailored For Perishable Brands
Pay As You Ship
Never Worry About Minimums
Add Perishable Insurance To Any Package
Analytics, Claim Filing, & Customer Notifications
Sync, Print, Pack & Ship in Seconds
Save on packaging & advertise 1-day delivery

VNDR enabled us to ship our products even faster to our customers WHILE ALSO making it cheaper. Most of all, the platform is easy to use and their customer support is stellar. So happy to have partnered with them.

Paul Majcherczyk
(CEO & Founder)

Before partnering with VNDR, we had no choice but to pass on our high shipping costs to customers which prevented many from ordering. Most of the negative feedback that we received had to do with the cost of our Overnight Shipping. VNDR has allowed us to decrease our flat rate shipping fees and offer Free Shipping nationwide for orders of $100 or more. We've seen a big uptick in orders from customers around the country.


VNDR has built an incredibly user-friendly interface that works really well with my Shopify store. It is a great one-stop shop to see all of my rate and configuration options and pick the one that works best for my business. Having the ability to send my products overnight has led to a lot of delighted customers and repeat business!

Christina Appleton
(CEO & Founder)